Sunday, 18 December 2011

Slut and other offensive words

I have noticed a discussion bubbling along on one of this blog's subscribers own blog and I feel it right to post something here.
Slut, whore, dirty bitch and any other name that a Master/owner calls his charge seems to cause offence amongst the unenlightened. So let me drop a cat amongst the pigeons.
Like it or not, these terms are usually used publicly either by the press or by women about other women as a peer insult. They are far less common in adult male to male speech.
I like sex, lots of it. After all, I am a man and that's the stereotype. But if you think that I or most men enjoy getting my rock off inside a women more interested in whether the ceiling needs painting or the pillow cases need washing than being engaged a wet, sweaty, noisy fuck, forget it. Its boring!
The trouble is that are far to many taboos about intimacy that have grown up over the years, even between partners. (Shhhhhhh.... the kids will hear!) Give me a partner/slave/possession that is proud that she is a sexual being any day. One that thrusts her hips eagerly, arches her back and moans and yells etc, etc.
If that makes her a slut, whore or dirty bitch when I am in her, good. She is enjoying our union and so am I. She is still a sexual woman.

Should I tell her she is a slut. Damn right I should!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Discipline...... Making the punishment fit the crime or is it?

I have been dwelling on thoughts of disciplne to apply to my shi.
Discipline is a huge topic, and its not always what we think. It comes in many forms and selecting the appropriate one to fit the required result is a skill that is aquired through practice and observation of the effect. Let me try to expand.
There is a saying "Let the punishment fit the crime". Punishment is just one form of discipline, focused on physical pain, supposed to leave a long lasting impression on the receipient. However, physical punishment is not always that in the BDSM world, it is pleasure to a masochist. There lies the dilema.
Discipline is a training tool to achive a change in behaviour that is long lasting or permenant, and it comes in many forms, of which inflicted pain is one. For disciplne to be effective as a method of training, it should leave a lasting impression on the mind. Its the mind that controls everything we do, or think. Therefore when dealing with a slave, especially one with a high masochistic drive, selecting the right method of discipline and the level at which its is applied is an aquired skill, and it is deeply personal between the trainer and trainee in slavery BDSM. It is the exertion of dominance over a slave's mind that is their Masters chief objective.
It would be true to say that disciple and reward may be the most powerful training tool of all. Hence, whipping a pain slut serves the dual purpose of inflicting memorable pain, which they process as pleasure and hence as a reward. It therefore follows that correctly applied, pain is a powerful discipline tool in BDSM because it delivers the double whammy of pleasure and pain to a masochist, something that is more powerful than a bell to Pavlov's dog.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Earlier this year I invested in a 64gig 4th generation iPod Touch. At the time I could have had the stainless steel back engraved with a message such as "Owned by --------------------". I didn't bother, mainly because, in my view, should I need to sell it some time, its value would be reduced. Not only that but I would only have something engraved if it held special value or significance to my life.
In 2012, my shi will be heading across the Atlantic Ocean to completely become what shi has been for a long time. My possession, amongst other things. Unlike my iPod, pretty soon after shi arrives, she will be permanently marked with my symbol of ownership. A cypher, resembling my signed initials will be tattooed on her breast and a little later shi will be tattooed with her slave registration bar code on her lower back.
Unlike other possessions I have or have owned, shi is a prized possession, and will not be sold, traded or passed on to another. Two symbols, a cypher and a bar code, represent the total commitment to the owner/possession relationship and, together with the steel collar that will be permanently sealed around her  neck they will solidify and signify all that we are as one.

I am looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Woman and the modern version.

Part of being a slave is to become a complete woman. As her blog task tomorrow my shi has been instructed to explain what, as a slave and possession that means and to compare it with the modern interpretation on being female, which I might add comes nowhere close to being a woman and is more of an attempt to take on a masculine role.
This will be interesting!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Documenting her journey.

Shi, my slave, possession, woman has been instructed to complete a daily journal when we are finally together in RL.
In the meantime shi will be posting to her blog on a regular basis while we are apart. Some days it will be from things that shi desires to post, other times, I will be setting a topic for her to write about.
Yesterday was the first time I had set the topic, "Chains of Steel" and I was very please with her post.

Friday, 17 September 2010


Kanbre Isle: my home, where I live with my slave, "shi". It is our world.
shi was collared in August 2008 and will soon be with her owner 24/7/365.We have  been together growing and evolving for over two years. 
This blog will be a reflection of thoughts, discussions and activities from our lives at Kanbre Isle and elsewhere.